#1: Lift Others Up

Nothing is more important to us than fostering a supportive, positive community. We refer to our member base as the EFC Family, and that is exactly what you become when you join our community at Evolve – family. Together we encourage each other through tough workouts and we hold each other accountable to show up and continue working towards our unique goals. We don’t tolerate negativity and we are all here to see each other succeed. Lift Others Up is our first Core Value because it is our most important. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

#2 – Be Grateful

Our perception is everything, and often times we spend too much time worrying or focusing on the negative and accidentally disregard all of our blessings. Our second core value is a reminder to keep our attention on what we appreciate most in our lives. The truth is, it could always be worse, and we always have something we should be grateful for – even when it may feel otherwise. We regularly ask our community to highlight their Bright Spots, and the Bright Spots they see in others to practice appreciation and being grateful. We do not tolerate negativity. Focus on the positive, raise your vibration, and attract more of the same into your life.

#3: Keep It Simple

Keeping it simple creates clarity in life. In regards to training and nutrition, master the basics first. We do what is most effective, not what is the most fancy or trendy at the time. Eat the right foods first, then worry about how much, how often, and the finer details. Strengthen your body and joints properly through strict movement before you attempt a kipping or more dynamic movement. Set realistic, clear goals and action steps then check them off one by one until you reach your goal. If you make it too complicated, you are less likely to follow through and succeed. In the age of information, it is hard to weed through what is real and what is a gimmick. We help our members create clarity through making it seem simple. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

#4: Finish What You Start

When motivation runs out, we must be disciplined to follow through on our intentions. Motivation is simply the spark that ignites action. When pursuing any endeavor, in fitness or professionally, we undoubtedly experience roadblocks and setbacks. Finish What You Start is a value we instill in our community to make sure we follow through on our word when the going gets tough. When we keep our word, people notice. It strengthens our relationships and our self-worth. We don’t leave tasks uncompleted, goals half-realized, or our word hanging in thin air. We practice discipline, we follow through, and we accomplish more.

#5: Humble and Proud

These two characteristics intertwine to create a specific type of person. A person that is confident in their abilities and proud of their accomplishments – yet remains humble and does not let the ego take hold. Confidence is crucial to performance in every aspect of life. In our community, you will find athletes of every age and ability level. Yet, the most advanced athletes are not ego-driven or condescending. On the other hand, they are the most welcoming and encouraging to those beginning their fitness journey because they were once in their shoes. As a collective, we are proud of our Evolve Community – yet we do not believe we are inherently better than anyone or any organization. There is a difference between being cocky and being proud – we are Humble and Proud.

#6 – Always Evolving

Our sixth and final core value encompasses what we are all about as an organization and as individuals within the EFC Family. We are constantly striving to grow, to evolve. As a gym, we will constantly strive to become better and offer more for our community. Nothing is permanent, and change is inevitable. This is the natural flow of life. Some do not like change because it disrupts their routine and forces them outside of their comfort zone. On the contrary, we EMBRACE change. For it is outside this imaginary zone that we learn and grow. We strive to evolve as humans to the most capable versions of ourselves – to perform better, to love better, and live fully. We are Always Evolving, because if we are not, then we are just staying the same…